A Thread of Scarlet

Introduction to My Youtube Channel

Check out this video and join the great content that is available to you.

About our Thread

Lover of Fabric

Hi, I'm Lorena Cadena. 

I'm a textile lover, currently an embroider, longarm quilter, and a jewelry maker, with more skills still to unfold. 

I've always had the love of creating items using my own hands.  With a passion to make one of a kind and unique items.

Everything Is Hand Made

Every item that is featured on this website is a one of a kind.  You will not see two of anything, like yourself. Uniquely and wonderfully made. 

If you ever want to know how to make a block or have some a question please email me or go to my YouTube account. I try to do videos every week with new ideas and tools to help you guys out.

Artistic Design

  Creating Items that have a different color palette to individualize the product. To make it stand out on its own. 

Making each and every piece have its own character. I am my own artist, with every stitch, every block, every curve of metal. To make an awe inspiring  piece of art.  

Hand Made Items for Purchase

New products are coming soon!